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Introductory: So, You Think You Can Bake?

Updated: Jan 2


That's the first thought I had when I started my baking journey.

Hi! My name is Akeshia Michele, and I am the AM in AM Sweet Eats! I am a healthcare worker by trade and a self-taught confectioner and baker by heart. I am a wife to an Army Veteran and a mother to two children. My passion for confections took shape when I decided to make my daughter's first birthday cake from scratch. A few years later and AM Sweet Eats was born!

I don't know about everyone else, but my first cake was far from perfect to say the least.


My toxic trait at the time was thinking I could see one YouTube video and throw down I like I just graduated from pastry school.

I was humbled real quick!

But...I practiced and practiced, and when it came time to make my daughter's birthday cake, I was confident enough!

Since then, I have baked cakes, cupcakes, cookies, made chocolate covered treats and so much more. That first cake opened up a world of possibilities and a door to creativity I never knew I possessed. Don't get me wrong, I am still learning and FAR from a pro, but each baking session provides me the opportunity to master a craft I never knew I could love.

I also love to cook!

I'm Afro-Puerto Rican so cooking is a staple in my home. While I don't normally cook the traditional dishes of my heritage (my husband isn't really a fan), I have learned to cook many dishes from various cultures. I love food! And I will try any type of food at least once. I would say food is my love language!

So, you're probably wondering...why all this talk about baking and food?

Well, I decided to start this blog to share my knowledge.

I will be sharing some of my favorite recipes, tips & tricks, products I use and where I get them, and anything else that may be useful. I'm no teacher by any means; but I believe that if I can share what I know and experienced and it's helpful to at least one person, then that's enough for me.

And I kind of get to satisfy my love of writing (sort of), so I see this as a win win!

If you made it this far...Thank You! Stay tuned for more!


Be Kind | Do Good | Have Faith

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